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How Often Should I Inspect My Rental Property?


Very often, property owners can become comfortable once their home property has regular-paying, well-mannered tenants. But you have to remember that just like your own home ages and shows signs of wear, so does your rental property. Regular inspections can help uncover potential problems early before they become very large, expensive problems.

Unknown plumbing leaks can cause structural damage that can go unnoticed for years. A failing pump can cause mold growth that can render a home completely uninhabitable. But catching these problems early can save you a ton of headache and a ton of money!

If your home has a crawlspace underneath it, an inspection every 2-3 years, or every time the property comes up for re-rental is the best plan. Homes with older wiring and plumbing systems should be inspected even more frequently.

If your home is newer, and was professionally inspected when you built or bought it, you can definitely stretch out that timeframe.

Investing a small amount every few years to protect one of your largest investments is a no-brainer! Don’t wait until its too late.

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