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"Josh has always been very aware of my needs as a home owner. He has made renting out my home, while I am living in another state, completely hassle free. Anytime I have a question or concern he gets right back to me. I would def. recommend his services to friends and family."


“The best thing about working with Josh is peace of mind. I worry about a lot of things in life but I don’t have to worry about my rental property. He rented it in three days! He handles trouble calls quickly and efficiently. A highly regarded professional and capable property manager that earns your trust!”


“We live very far away from our property. Josh has always been very good at communicating with us when there are problems with the property or needs of our tenants. I can always get a hold of him if I need something. I feel confident having my property in his hands.”


“The King family is very grateful for JW Property Service’s hard work and support in fixing our house after Hurricane Isaac flooded it. We put our trust in them to take care of the disaster so our tenants could go back to a safe and pleasant home. They went above and beyond to cater to our every need, while doing their best to provide affordable repairs and services since we were not there to do it ourselves. Thank you kindly JW Property Services."


“Having JW Property Services manage my property has been a true blessing. Living out of town, I am unable to manage my property and see to the day to day hiccups that arise. Josh and his team are there for me and are always on top of any type of problems that may arise. Prior to having JW Property Services, I was always worrying and under stress about my property. Now I’m able to sleep! Thanks JW Properties!!!”

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Every rental property owner goes through the same experience – they like owning rental properties for the investment and predictable income stream, but they also find out that owning rental properties can be a real headache.

There’s a lot of responsibility with becoming a landlord. Your first “pipe burst” call (on a Sunday at 10pm, no less) will drive that point home. Never mind finding quality tenants, collecting rent, property maintenance, and the million other things owing rental property entails. 

That’s where we come in. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.


“I have been with JW Property Service for one year now. Joshua, the owner is a very easy, friendly and simple guy to do business with. He is easy to get in touch with. He returns calls and responds when needed. He works hard, collects rent when it is due, and maintains my property. I commend and recommend his services to whom may need it.”


“I’ve been using JW for 4 years now and we’ve been working closely to insure my tenants are satisfied (we rarely have to change them) and since they use their own professional maintenance and repair staff, we always pay less than calling outside workers. Plus, this has the advantage of them knowing the properties well enough to recommend improvements where needed. Josh is very easy to discuss anything related to the properties and is always on call via cell phone and his vehicle. He always consults me about any needed significant expenditure that is other than routine maintenance, so you always feel you are in control and won’t have any surprises. Highly recommended. You won’t be disappointed.”


“Josh is very smart, works hard, and knows the rental market very well. He always keeps my properties rented. I fully recommend his services.”


“JW Property Services, manages my duplex on Orleans Avenue. Josh is awesome. I’ve had 3 property managers since I purchased my property in 2007, I’ve stayed with Josh now for close to 3 years. He has maintained tenants in my property consistently. He oversees all renovation and maintenance of the property. He is very easy to get in touch with whether it’s by e-mail or cell or text. He has helped me with contractors, appraisers, and prospective buyers of the property.”


“One word, AMAZING. I am in the US Navy and away from my rental property the majority of the year. Josh does an exceptional job of reaching out to me about any issues with the property no matter what. He is quick to reply to text messages, emails, and phone calls. Josh and his team at JW Property Service take care of everything leaving me with peace of mind that my place is in great hands. I even recommended his management service to my sister and now he manages her property. If you are looking for a property manager, look no further. You will not be disappointed.”


"Josh, I wanted to tell you thank you for doing such a great job. All the tenants have been amazing. It’s been great always having the rent on time and not dealing with the headaches of managing my properties. If you ever need a referral please feel free to give my number out."


“JW Property Services is always on call for his clients and tenants, he and his team always respond to any issues immediately, and always keep my condo rented with great tenants. Josh has provided the peace of mind that I needed while I’m working abroad.”


“Josh manages our rental property with professionalism and efficiency. We had peace of mind knowing that someone is looking out for our house while we lived in a different state for a while. He handles all the paperwork and maintenance, and this makes our lives so much easier. Josh is quick to respond to questions or issues, and he is a pleasure to work with!”


“JW Property Service has made my life so much easier with their services. I have had horrible experiences with rent management companies in the past, but JW Property has changed my perception of this industry and the support they provide. They are efficient, reliable, and prompt in their response to service myself as well as my tenants. There is never a need to micromanage or call to ensure something is being done because this company actually does everything that is stated in their contract. It has truly been a pleasure working with Joshua Wilson and the staff of JW Property Services.”


“Josh has truly been a life -saver and a vital part of my active duty military family plan. Josh with his professionalism and attention to detail makes owning a rental property less of a burden and more of an after thought which provides peace of mind for my family. If at any time there is a concern or a question concerning my single family home Josh is always just an email, call or text away; I have lived in two different time zones and have yet to have any problems reaching Josh. I strongly recommend Josh’s services because after three years I still feel like my business, my single family home, is important to him and that he has my best interest at heart.”


“Josh has been the manager of my properties for approximately five years now and has been an integral part of their success. We own both long term rentals and vacation rentals, which couldn’t be more different to manage, but Josh has adapted to the needs of both. Whether its fixing a plumbing issue in the middle of the night, or providing a renter with toiletries they forgot to pack, Josh has answered the call and gotten the job done. Guests have commented to me on many occasions about the ease of renting because Josh has been prompt in responding to their requests. He knows his business and he knows my business, and the most important part of it is customer service, which Josh is excellent at providing."
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"JW Property Services LLC is flexible enough to adapt and operate with an “ownership mentality,” while keeping sight of the fact that we are in essence a service organization. We make a commitment to provide quality service and to deliver this service on a consistent basis; it’s the only way we do business."