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Screening to find the best residents


Diligent and accurate resident screening can protect you from potential liabilities such as property damage, loss of income, and frivolous or malicious lawsuits.

If you’re looking for the perfect resident for your rental property in New Orleans, LA, a reputable property management or rental screening company can help you shortlist the best candidates.

Applicant verification procedures
To make sure you cover your bases, JW Property Services will help you verify applicants to know if they are likely to pay their bills on time. This information is critical for reducing the chance of eviction.

We use up-to-date search tools and software to conduct accurate checks and verifications in the following areas:
• Income
• Rental/eviction records
• Criminal background/history
• Credit reports

To ensure a potential renter is able to pay their rent on time, you need to verify their income. Things such as length of employment, frequent changes of employers, and gaps in employment can help determine whether he or she meets your income eligibility requirements. A common rule of thumb is income after recurring debt payments should be at least 3 times the rent.

Rental/eviction records
A statewide search for rental history can yield information easily missed when the search is restricted only to the address provided by the applicant. These records are made available by landlord and tenant courts and provide useful information about a potential resident’s tenancy history and reputation. You want to ensure they have a track record of paying on time and caring for the property.

Criminal background
To avoid “inviting” a criminal into your property, scans need to be done in both local and nationwide databases to uncover any criminal history that exists for potential residents. The search includes checking sex offenders’ registries, the terrorist watchlist, and the international police database (INTERPOL).

Credit reports
It is important to get an accurate credit report that also provides a credit score. Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion are three reputable credit report agencies that provide accurate credit information. Check to see if the applicant has paid debts in full or have pending collection matters.

At JW Property Services, we have years of experience providing leasing, management and maintenance services to property owners. We have the expertise and resources to help give you that peace of mind when selecting a resident for your rental property. Just call 504-648-4073 to start the review process.

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